IEA Announces its Fall 2020 CPDM Scholarship Recipient

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CPDM Scholarship Awarded for Fall 2020

CPDM Scholarship Winner

CPDM Scholarship Awarded

IEA has announced the successful winner of the Fall 2020 scholarship for CPDM.  Our congratulations go to Deandra Ross
a benefit specialist at Dimensional Fund Advisors.

“There is a huge value to my current and future careers as a absence management professional by obtaining this designation.”
Deandra Ross, September 2020

Having worked as the leaves administrator within several top financial firms and tech companies in the world and with 3rd party
administrators, Deandra’s goal is to strengthen her knowledge so that she can be a better partner to internal clients
(HR Business Partners,Executive management and employees) and to her company’s 3rd party administrator.  Deandra currently
manages a variety of leave such as FMLA, Short and Long term disability, accommodations.

On October 1st, 2020, IEA will welcome Deandra into the first course in the CPDM series, CPDM1 – Essentials in Absence and
Disability Management.

Congratulations Deandra! We are proud to partner with you in pursuit of your professional development goals.

About CPDM

We live and work in an era where many variables change on a constant basis. Fortunately the impact of unpredictable and often
challenging circumstances can be greatly minimized by implementing an effective Integrated Disability and Absence Management
(IDAM) program. When efficiently implemented, IDAM significantly increases an organization’s productivity, reduces costs, and
minimizes risk. The CPDM designation helps students acquire the skills and expertise they need in order to design and implement an
IDAM program for any organization.  Learn more about CPDM here.