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Professional Development Survey Results

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IEA Announces Results of Professional Development Survey

IEA recently distributed its first Professional Development Survey! Our goal? To better understand our customer needs in professional development and training. In the spirit of our mission to inform our industry, this survey provides a unique comparison of salaries and benefits, job satisfaction and motivational factors in the risk, insurance and disability management sectors.

The IEA Board of Trustees, CEO and President, Gina Magee,  and the entire team at IEA, greatly appreciate your support of this important project! We’d like to share with you the data we collated from the responses received and hope that you, your team members, supervisors and others within your organization can benefit from the information shared by peers throughout your industry, especially as it relates to salaries and benefits, job satisfaction and motivational factors. Although the specific data was submitted anonymously, the email addresses of respondents at large was retained so that we could randomly select three candidates to receive an award of an Amazon Gift Certificate as a gesture of our appreciation.  View Survey Results Here .