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IEA Resumes Service

IEA Reinstates Training Options
Dear Friend,

In the more than one-hundred years that IEA has served the insurance and risk management industries, it has proudly stood at the vanguard of many changes. Today I want to tell you about a new development involving changes to IEA as an organization.

In June 2020, many of the assets and programs of IEA, including its name, website, and course materials were sold. As the new managing director, I am happy to share the great news that most of your valued programs and services remain the same and will be delivered by many of the same team members and instructors.

You’ll be able to continue on your learning path, access your records in the learning management system, and browse for new products at Enrollment for CPWC and SIP will continue seamlessly and live webinars for WCCA, WCCP, and CPDM will be scheduled for fall 2020.

IEA’s reputation as the foremost provider of leading-edge training has rested on its unwavering dedication to curricula that is rigorous in its content, flexible in its delivery, and nimble in its response to industry changes. We are strongly committed 
to building on the strength of this legacy and earning your continued support of our programs and services.

This week we’ll be sending emails regarding course details to students who are currently enrolled or have expressed interest, so please keep an eye out for these messages.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out at or call at 800-655-4432.

I am excited to be at the helm of the new chapter and look forward to working with you on your professional development goals in the coming months.


Michael Bell
Managing Director