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July 1st Compliance Headaches?

July 1st Compliance Headaches

July 1st CE Compliance Headaches?

July 1st is looming!

For workers’ compensation professionals this means CE compliance! Oooops! Have you got your
hours? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Sometimes it’s a challenge to even know what your
compliance requirements are because different roles in workers’ compensation have different CE
requirements. We’ve made it a little easier for you to know what you need for YOUR professional role.

Download Your Compliance Cheatsheet

Want a cheat sheet you can keep handy for quick reference on how many hours you need. Get it here.
California Compliance Requirements

CE Options

  • More than 24 on-demand webinars from our Claims Practitioner in Workers’ Comp program.
  • Up to 120 hours of CE credit or pre and post certification training.
  • Purchase a-la-carte or buy bulk and save training dollars.
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  • Earn your CE at your own pace from your own desktop or mobile device.
  • Range of options available including New Workers’ Compensation Laws for California, 2019!
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