Associate In Claims Books and Exams

  • Workers’ Compensation (INTRO + WCCA + WCCP)
  • Disability And Absence Management (CPDM + CCMP)
  • Property and Casualty (CPCU)
  • Associate in General Insurance (INTRO + AINS)
  • Associate in Claims (AIC)
  • Risk Management (ARM)
  • Fraud Identification (CPFI)
  • ASSOCIATE IN CLAIMS COURSES Many of IEA’s books and exams are provided by curriculum material specialists. This page will assist you in locating the materials required for your specific academic studies. Once you have located your program, choose the course title and follow the steps to locate the recommended materials. ASSOCIATE IN CLAIMS MATERIALS CLICK EACH BOX TO VIEW MATERIALS AINS 21 Property and Liability Insurance Principles *NOTE: Texts and exams for this course must be purchased directly from The Institutes. How to locate your Books and Exams : 1. Click the “ENTER” button. 2. Go to the “Search by Program” drop down menu. 3. Select “Associate in General Insurance (AINS)” 4. Choose the “Materials” and “Exams”... READ MORE >

    Associate in Claims Program

  • Risk Management (ARM)
  • Associate in General Insurance (AINS)
  • Essential Soft Skills for Risk & Insurance Professionals
  • CE Credit On-Demand Videos
  • In-House And Custom Programs
  • Forms
  • ASSOCIATE IN CLAIMS An Educational Program for Claims Personnel Developed by the Institutes with support from the National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters, the Associate in Claims (AIC) is a nationally recognized educational program consisting of four courses and national exams that covers the handling of claims.... READ MORE >