Self Insured Administrator Exam Prep

Self Insured Administrators take note! If you’re taking the SIP test you want the best possible chance for success, right? IEA, your trusted source for the highest quality professional training in workers’ comp will launch its new Self Insured Administrator (SIP) test prep program soon! Developed and presented by industry experts, this program offers the top-notch, comprehensive preparation you’ve come to expect from the leading provider of workers’ compensation educational programs.  Choose from blended learning as well as fully on-demand options to suit your time and schedule. Blended Learning Option Enjoy the benefit of live instructor led training in online webinar format. Students do some preparation before class starts. Opportunity to work with an expert faculty member and the benefit of having other SIP candidates to learn with and from. On-Demand Option 24/7/365 Take the prep on your own time from your own desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Pre-recorded webinars take you through the... READ MORE >

Writing: An Essential Skill for Risk and Insurance Professionals

Writing: The daily skill you use the most What skill do you use the most each workday? In most businesses and professions, it’s writing. In fact business writing is the most essential skill you use on a daily basis.  Clear, concise writing makes your ideas easier to read and understand. According to The Harvard Business Review, one-third of  professionals write poorly.  Risk and insurance professionals are no exception. Poor writing skills create barriers between you and your readers, and between you and your career goals. IEA’s online, self-paced course, “Writing: An Essential Skill for Risk and Insurance Professionals,” gives practical, interactive guidance to improve business writing skills with examples taken from actual Risk and Insurance settings.Valuable for new-hires as well as seasoned professionals who’s writing skills could use some polish can benefit from this training. Course is offered in three parts and includes memory aids, light humor, and free access to short podcasts... READ MORE >

8 Claims Practices that Risk Managers Need to Stop Doing

Check out this informative article by Allen Melton and Jeffrey Phillips published by RISK&INSURANCE! Instead of hoping losses won’t occur, presume that they will and PLAN accordingly.  From building out your loss recovery team to using disasters and losses as learning opportunities, there are several strategies you can implement IN ADVANCE of any potential losses to ensure these events are handled with maximum efficiency. Find it here... READ MORE >

WorkPartners ELEVATE WC Leadership Conference

IEA’s Patty Carlson attended the WorkPartners Elevate WC Leadership Conference this week in San Diego, California.  Speakers included Carlos Luna of Risico and Dr. Peggy Sugarman, Work Comp Director for the City and County of San Francisco and IEA Board Member.  Also presenting was Ken Hernandez, who was the Risk Manager for the Country of San Bernardino during the active shooter catastrophe. Big takeaway message from this event: enhanced communication and early problem solving can reduce litigation and costs.... READ MORE >