AIC 32 – Liability Claims Practices



The Associate in Claims program teaches you how to reduce time and costs, improve customer satisfaction and retention, and avoid costly lawsuits. With this program, you’ll improve your technical claim handling skills, communication and negotiation skills, good-faith claim handling abilities, and in-depth policy knowledge. LIABILITY TRACK & MULTI-LINE ADJUSTER TRACK: AIC 32 – Learn how to improve claim handling by using effective, proven liability claim investigation, evaluation, valuation, and settlement techniques. Examine a technique to process claims more efficiently through a process to determine coverage and assign value to a claim.

Key Takeaways:

  • Overview of liability claims
  • Coverage issues with Homeowners and Commercial Liability policies
  • Determining legal liability part I and part II
  • Premises liability Product liability
  • Product liability
  • Investigation liability claims
  • Coverage disputes
  • Evaluating and valuing liability claims
  • Settling liability claims
  • Managing litigation

Sorry, this course us not currently available for enrollment. On-demand courses are available for your convenience at The Institutes