AINS22 REV – Exam Prep for Personal Insurance



NOTE: This is an exam prep course and it is assumed you have already completed the AINS22 either via self study or an instructor led course.

Are you ready for the National Exam? If not, this Review is for you.

This Review consists of three one-hour sessions that summarize the highlights of the eleven week AINS 22 Course-Personal Insurance. It should help you as you prepare for the National Exam.

These three one-hour sessions will concentrate on these areas.

  • Personal Auto Coverages and their impact on Society
  • Homeowners Property and Liability Coverages
  • Planning for Retirement, Life Insurance and Health and Disability Insurance

This review does not replace the need to self-study or take the course. It only concentrates on those areas that have given students the most problems in passing the National Exam.

Please submit specific questions before the class starts to allow them to be incorporated into the review.

  • After registering you can submit questions for review via your course dashboard.
  • Questions submitted at lease one week prior to review course have greater potential to be part of the review.

Key Takeaways:

  • Enhancing customer service skills with an heightened knowledge of auto and homeowners contracts and endorsements
  • Providing well-rounded customer support through an understanding of personal risk management and insurance
  • Knowledge of personal insurance, and retirement planning including a general understanding of life and health insurance

Who Should Attend:

  • Property-casualty insurance professionals
  • Managers or supervisors
  • Customer service representatives
  • Call center staff
  • Administrative and support staff

AINS22 self-study programs are available through The Institutes

Sorry, this course us not currently available for enrollment. On-demand courses are available for your convenience at The Institutes