CPCU 530 REV – Exam Prep for Business Law For Insurance Professionals



NOTE: This is an exam prep course and it is assumed you have already completed the CPCU 540 either via self study or an instructor led course.

CPCU 530 Prep Class Key Highlights:

Benefits of the Instructor outline (based on student feedback and instructor’s knowledge of the subject matter): Highlights specific subject areas attempting to identify testing depth knowledge and how you might be tested through the use of instructor “NOTES” added next to key subject areas of the instructor outline.


Key Review Points:

  • Key areas of a legally enforceable contract (which of the four areas tend to be tested in greater detail) and how to work through a bilateral vs. unilateral contract as applied to the elements of a enforceable contract.
  • Testing Warranty, Representation, Waiver, Estoppel, and Election on an exam.
  • Commercial law’s (UCC) influence on Sales Contracts vs. Common law principles associated  with enforceable contracts plus Breach of Contract by buyer vs. seller and each of the remedies available to these parties.
  • Review the five ways possession is crated with an understanding about testing depth knowledge; Real Property Estates (which tend to be tested more frequently); bailment vs. trade fixtures & tenants Improvements/betterment’s.
  • Tort Law of Negligence-review the four key elements and defenses for each element; landowner duties owned to three specific classes of people; three legal principles organizations are exposed to product liabilities lawsuits from torts and contractual areas of civil law.
  • How Agency and Authority is created and what are the likely testing depth issues to be aware of. Agent and Principal duties to each other; legal duties arising from strict liability for a Principal. Agency law and it’s impact on the insurance industry.
  • Employment law and “At Will” concept; labor practices; Corporation formation; Partnership duties and obligations.
  • International Legal structures and engaging in trade through different legal forms; reviewing the six legal forms of governments.
  • CPCU530 self-study courses are available through The Institutes.

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