CPWC6 – Workers Compensation Claim Compensability Part 2



CPWC (Claims Practitioner in Workers’ Compensation) is a 24 module certification program developed to meet the needs of emerging claims practitioners. This program offers comprehensive training in foundation principles required to become a certified California WC Claims Adjuster and provides the required 120 classroom hours. Presented at a practical desk level, this curriculum includes learning tools such as case studies and soft skills along with technical information.  Components of the CPWC will also help fulfill certification requirements for California WC Medical Review or Medical Only adjusters.

Module 6- Workers Compensation Claim Compensability, Part Two

In this sixth module, we will conclude our analysis of the necessary requirements to determine claim compensability. Specifically, we will be looking at the issues of the circumstances of injury, addressing the concept of AOE/COE, the circumstances where the mechanism of injury would be excluded under LC 3600, and the medical verification of injury by an employer authorized physician.

Lecture Topics Covered

  1. AOE/COE
  2. LC §3600 exclusions
  3. Medical verification of injury

Who should attend.

  • Indemnity Workers’ Compensation Claims Adjusters
  • Medical Bill Review Adjustors
  • Medical Only Claims Adjustors
  • TPA / Self Insured Claims Personnel
  • Agent/Broker Workers’ Compensation Claims Staff

Difference between 3 & 5 hour versions:

  • The Indemnity Track requires the 5 hour version to meet the requirement of 120 hours.
  • The 5 hour version includes Case Studies and homework
  • All other tracks only require the 3 hour version

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