Workers' Compensation for HR Professionals

Certification courses for a better understanding of workers' compensation to help you manage your exposure and costs.

A practical, hands-on learning experience for the complex world of workers' compensation

Presented at a practical desk level, this curriculum includes learning tools such as case studies and soft skills along with technical information.

Workers’ compensation is one of the most expensive costs employers face. It is also one of the most convoluted employee benefit systems, with significant changes on a regular basis. Master a basic understanding of workers’ compensation to help you manage your exposure and costs.

Basic or Advanced
7-10 Lessons
Self-Paced, On-Demand

Instructor Biography

Robert J. Cornelow brings over 35 years of experience in the insurance industry to his students, including 20 years as the owner of a multi-line claim investigation firm.

As faculty for IEA, Bob has taught semester length courses in the WCCA and WCCP series since 1991. More recently, he developed and presented the curriculum for IEA’s Claims Practitioner in Workers’ Compensation (CPWC) program as well as the Self-Insured Administrator (SIP) prep course. In addition to teaching for the IEA, Bob is currently self-employed as Cornelow & Associates, providing investigation and consulting services in the fields of risk, disability, and claim management.

Bob is the best! He really makes the information easy to understand and retain. T. Gross, TRISTAR Risk Management

New to workers' comp? You'll learn:

  • History of workers’ compensation
  • Benefits provided
  • Common concepts
  • The litigation process

Looking for a deeper dive? You'll learn:

  • How your claims administrator may look at things differently than you do
  • To detect patterns of fraudulent behavior
  • An understanding of out of state employees and issues over liabilities for injury
  • An understanding of wage loss and earning capacity
  • Reduce disability through the RTW process
  • About wrapping up the claim and your exposure

Disability Management? You'll learn:

  • Overview of Workers’ Comp Benefits
  • Medical Terminology & Examinations
  • Earning Capacity
  • Temporary Disability
  • Permanent Disability
  • PD Apportionment
  • Return to Work
  • Death & Dependency Benefits

Safety & Risk Management? You'll learn:

  • Learn how to identify when your insurance company’s priorities may differ from your priorities.
  • Learn patterns of fraud to identify risks and reduce exposure.
  • Reduce liability by understanding the basics indemnification agreements.

Your roadmap to a better understanding of California workers' compensation

Sullivan on Comp

Reading assignments are hosted on Sullivan on Comp and are an integral and required component of your program.

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Workers' Compensation Laws of California

Current year addition available on Amazon

Workers' Compensation 101

Lesson 1: History and Benefits
Lesson 2: Employment and Injury
Lesson 3: Medical Benefits
Lesson 4: Disability Benefits
Lesson 5: Death Benefits
Lesson 6: Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits
Lesson 7: Litigation
Lesson 8: Electronic Adjudication Management System (EAMS)

Full Course Only $199

WC-HRA: Advanced Workers' Compensation for HR Professionals

Lesson 1: Ethical Issues
Lesson 2: Workers’ Comp Exclusive Fraud
Lesson 3: WCAB Jurisdiction & Authority
Lesson 4: Earning Capacity
Lesson 5: Return to Work
Lesson 6: Discovery & Claims Evaluation
Lesson 7: Claims Resolution, Subrogation / Contribution

Full Course Only $658

WC-DIS: Workers Compensation for Disability Management Professionals

Lesson 1: Overview of Workers’ Comp Benefits
Lesson 2: Medical Terminology & Examinations
Lesson 3: Earning Capacity
Lesson 4: Temporary Disability
Lesson 5: Permanent Disability
Lesson 6: PD Apportionment
Lesson 7: Return to Work
Lesson 8: Death & Dependency Benefits

Full Course Only $752

WC-S&R: Worker's Compensation for Safety and Risk Professionals

Lesson 1: Workers’ Comp Origins & Overview
Lesson 2: Coverage & Claims Admin Options
Lesson 3: Claim Initiation & Set Up
Lesson 4: Workers’ Comp Injuries & Exclusive Remedies
Lesson 5: Ethical Issues
Lesson 6: DWC Organization & Claims Audits
Lesson 7: Workers’ Comp Fraud
Lesson 8: WCAB Jurisdiction & Authority
Lesson 9: Discovery & Claim Evaluation
Lesson 10: Claim Resolution Subrogation/Contribution

Full Course Only $941

What Will This Certification Do For You?

Optimize your Skillset

You’ll gain the practical real-world skills you can take right back to your desk and implement from day one!

Deepen Your Knowledge

You’ll learn the language, laws, and concepts commonly used in California workers’ comp.

Expand Your Credentials

Distinguish yourself with a prestigious credential from the leading provider of professional development.

Still have questions?

Many professional roles intersect with the world of workers’ compensation. These certificate programs are designed to provide information about California workers’ comp that is  directly relevant to the industry you serve.

Within each certificate there are between 7 and 10 lessons each of which will take 3 hours to complete. Assuming you take just one lesson per week you could earn the certificate in 8-10 weeks. Of course, depending on your schedule it’s entirely possible to complete the program much more quickly.

Each lesson comprises several modules including:

  • Reading assignments excerpted from Sullivan on Comp.
  • A video presentation by instructor Bob Cornelow.
  • Take a test, pass, and complete the Lesson. 


Each lesson includes a test which you must pass in order to progress. The passing grade is 70%.

Re-takes on quizzes can be taken on request by contacting

  • Required Reading assignments are hosted on Sullivan on Comp and are an integral and required component of the program. use coupon code SOC4IEA to receive $50 off an annual subscription or the first month of a monthly subscription at no cost.
  • The Workers’ Compensation Laws of California (available on

You’ll be awarded an official document celebrating your achievement. For subsequent calendar years from completion you’ll need to submit 3 units of relevant CE credit each year. You’ll be entered into a CE tracker and be able to upload your CE credits for review as you earn them.

IEA offers regular CE webinars as well as on-demand videos which can apply toward your CE requirements. There is no charge to upload CE if provided by IEA or its partner Sullivan on Comp. Hours earned through other providers must be submitted for approval with accompanying confirmation of attendance (certificate) and are charged at $25 per hour.