Dave Chetcuti

David J. Chetcuti


David J. Chetcuti has over thirty-nine (39) years experience in all aspects of CA workers’ compensation, including thirty-one (31) years as a college accredited instructor.

Instructor Biography

Mr. Chetcuti is a professor of workers’ compensation law having taught classes and seminars on behalf of a host of organizations and institutions including the State Bar, California Department of Insurance, and privately to attorneys, claims professionals and employers in California and other states. He is certified by the State of California, Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education, as an instructor of Workers’ Compensation Law and Procedures.

Professor Chetcuti’s past experience includes being the director of education at Acacia Pacific in San Francisco. It is estimated that over his career Prof. Chetcuti has taught workers’ compensation law and procedure to over 19,000 students. He is also a former vice-president in charge of workers’ compensation claims consulting services for the two largest insurance brokers in the country. He is often retained as an expert witness in litigation concerning workers’ compensation insurance and TPA claims handling performance issues.

Prof. Chetcuti is also one of the three co-authors of the well-known 16-volume treatise, “Sullivan On Comp.”

David J.Chetcuti