Workers’ Compensation Classes Start Next Week

Earn a Certificate or Designation in Workers’ Compensation IEA’s workers’ compensation classes are the most recognized and sought after among employers in California. Choose from classes that range from foundation level all the way through advanced curricula!  Whether you’re just getting started, are looking for professional training for a team member, or you’re ready to advance your own career path, we have the workers’ compensation class that meets you right where you are.  Learn from industry experts in live webinar as well as on-demand formats. Workers’ Compensation Classes in Webinar Format The Workers Compensation Claims Administration (WCCA) Certificate The Workers’ Compensation Claims Administration program is a cornerstone credential in the world of California workers’ comp.   There are five courses and five national exams.  All courses in the series are offered in  live webinar format. Classes start week of June 3rd. Learn... READ MORE >

Has the Dreaded Grey Wave Arrived? What does that mean for the industry?

How can your organization survive and thrive the gray wave? Is it just me or are you finding this as well?  We have been hearing about this for years, but have not really seen it, perhaps because the financial setbacks of the recession forestalled this a bit. However, it seems to have arrived.   Recently, in client meetings, two of the three clients were retiring within the next six months.  Another recent client conversation said they had eight people retiring this year in their department. What will this mean for those organizations? Education and Training is Key. It depends on their planning, and I believe education is key. Is the training of that next generation something that helps younger employees move up in the company? Is it more about systems and dropdown boxes or is there real training and knowledge transfer so they understand the big picture and the technicalities as well?  All of this so important in order to keep your organization on track to meeting the needs of your customers and at the same time to ensure... READ MORE >