What Constitutes a Timely Denial Under LC 5402(b)?

Generally, an employer must deny a claim within 90 days to avoid a presumption that it's compensable. Labor Code 5402(b)(1) states, "If liability is not rejected within 90 days after [...]

Creative Strategies for Workers’ Compensation Claims Settlement

Let's face it - Workers' Compensation claims can be challenging. You know how difficult it can be to get to compromise and release - between managing client and injured worker [...]

Requesting Consulting Physicians Within an MPN

Labor Code 4616.3(c) establishes a process that allows injured employees to obtain second and third opinions from physicians within a medical provider network. It states, "If an injured employee disputes [...]

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act: Impacting Employers

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA) was signed into law on December 29, 2022, and goes into effect on June 27, 2023. What is this new law all about and [...]

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