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What makes a workers’ compensation claims team tick?

Three Traits that Make a Workers' Compensation Claims Team Tick

What makes a workers’ compensation claims team tick?

Not all workers’ compensation claims teams are created equal.  What are the factors that make one team out-perform others by
measurable margins? The annual Workers’ Compensation Benchmarking Study published by Rising Medical
found that only 24% of claims operations are high performers.  The study used claims closure ratios to identify
the three key factors that represent the gap for the other 76%.

Three Traits Separate the Great from the Rest

  • Best Performers Focus MORE on What’s Most Important
  • Invest MORE in PEOPLE
  • Invest more in advanced tools and techniques

In a recent publication of EWC Magazine. Rachel Fikes, VP & Work Comp Benchmarking Study Program Director,
Rising Medical
Solutions, and Peter Rousmaniere, Risk Management Consultant present a clear interpretation of the
data as well as actionable items under each of the key traits. According to Fikes and Rousmaniere, the best claims teams use an
outcome strategy, versus a process improvement strategy, for success. This is a good indication that going forward employers will
focus more on outcomes.

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