Ratings are unique in Work Comp and an important skill to master!

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PD Rating – An Art Not A Science

PD Rating

Rating is an art, not a science

Knowing how to properly rate a claim is invaluable for claims professionals to help with setting reserves and
having an accurate assessment of the potential PD value on a case. Like every skill in claims, rating is a skill developed with practice and
repetition. Having a solid foundation on the building blocks for a rating string is one of the first steps to mastering workers’ compensation

When you first see a PD rating, it can be very confusing; it is a completely new skill. The rating string looks like an algebra
equation with some numbers, letters and brackets; but, once you get the basics you can rate any case, any time!
The PD rating brings all of the parts of the WC system together to give a picture of the injury and how the injured worker is
impacted based on the body part, diminished earnings, occupation and age on the date of injury. The more experience a claims
professional has with ratings, the easier to see the big picture on a case.

Ratings are unique in our Workers Compensation industry and an important claims skill to master! Next month I’ll be presenting two
back-to-back webinars on the topic – Ratings 101 and 102 – offering a base of knowledge or a supplement for all claims professionals. We’ll
go through a history of PD rating schedules, with a focus on the AMA Guides and step-by-step practice for current PD ratings. Join me for
these webinars and you’ll be able to easily identify all the parts of a rating string and know what they mean. Learn to spot ratings
mistakes and avoid your own to keep cases moving towards resolution.

Enroll here to sharpen your skills with these back-to-back courses on the basics of PD rating and then then practice, practice, practice!
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This article was written by Erin Walker, Partner in the Oakland office of Laughlin Falbo Levy & Moresi, LLP and Certified
Workers’ Compensation Specialist. Executive Committee member for the Diablo Valley Industrial Claims Association (DVICA) Board of
Directors and Membership Chair for the DRI Workers’ Compensation Committee. Tough Mudder enthusiast.