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Self Insured Administrator Exam Prep

Self Insured Administrator Exam Prep

If you’re taking the SIP test you want the best possible chance for success, right?

IEA, your trusted source for the highest quality professional training in workers’ comp will launch its new Self Insured Administrator (SIP) test prep program soon! Developed and presented by industry experts, this program offers the top-notch, comprehensive preparation you’ve come to expect from the leading provider of workers’ compensation educational programs.  Choose from blended learning as well as fully on-demand options to suit your time and schedule.

Blended Learning Option Starts June 17th

Enjoy the benefit of live instructor led training in online webinar format.
Students do some preparation before class starts.
Opportunity to work with an expert faculty member and the benefit of having other SIP candidates to learn with and from.

On-Demand Option 24/7/365

Take the prep on your own time from your own desktop, laptop, or mobile device.
Pre-recorded webinars take you through the relevant topics with built in exams to test your knowledge.
Twelve 90-minute modules totalling 18 hours of instruction.

Wondering if you’re ready to take the SIP exam?

This program is for you if:
You’ve attained the equivalent level of knowledge and experience you’d expect through taking the 120 hours of training required by the State of California DIR.

You’re also covered if you’ve completed the Certified Practitioner in WC (CPWC) from IEA or the WCCA.

Don’t leave it to chance –

Let us partner with you to ensure you are ready for your exam, and for your career.  Enroll Today!