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The State of Legal, Compliance and Employment Law, 2022-2023

HR Compliance Continues to Be Crucial

The uncertainty brought about by changing labor laws and regulations can make it difficult for organizations to efficiently manage compliance. Recent research conducted by HR.COM shines light on why some organizations struggle and how the best ones succeed. Some of the areas investigated included:

  • The HR compliance landscape, including compliance maturity levels, the prevalence of audits and whether HR compliance is well-funded
  • The extent to which organizations have comprehensive HR compliance strategies and plans to manage compliance issues
  • How often organizations use technology to stay up-to-date, and the extent to which they incorporate automation
  • The key factors, laws and regulations that make HR compliance concerning, difficult and costly
  • How companies stay abreast of changes to regulations
  • The extent to which their reporting and analytical tools generate meaningful insight

Key Takeaways from the Research

  • Although many organizations surveyed say their compliance strategies are adequate, HR compliance processes often lack maturity
  • Though the majority said their compliance strategies and plans were adequate, fewer say these initiatives are well funded
  • Staying up to date with compliance issues is challenging for many organizations, and this is linked back to shortages of good technologies and pace of change
  • Companies believe the importance of compliance will increase in the future
  • HR compliance leaders are more likely to have strategies in place to proactively identify compliance issues, have well funded compliance initiatives, report that processes are integrated and automated, train and support staff to manage compliance, have robust analytic tools and say creating useful reports is quick and easy

Take a Deeper Dive to Learn More

The full research paper is a great resource! Check it out here and share with your colleagues.