Workers' Compensation Fraud - Tips for Easily Spotting Fraud

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Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Workers' Compensation Fraud

Workers’ Compensation Fraud – Separating Fake from Real

Workers’ compensation fraud is a huge financial burden on employers and taxpayers.  Identifying fraud and taking appropriate steps to mitigate its impact is a key risk management strategy for any organization.

Stacey Gunn, Assistant Vice President for Keenan’s SIU/Fraud Unit blogged recently on this very issue.  Gunn offers clear guidance on steps employers can take when they suspect workers’ compensation fraud, as well as the red flags that identify a faked workers’ compensation claim.  Gunn’s articule points to the operation of “claim mills” – schemes coordinated by corrupt attorneys and medical providers. These players recruit employees to engage in fraudulent claims.  The cost to employers runs into millions of dollars and ultimately results in rising comp premiums.
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A Curriculum for Fraud Management – Certified Professional in Fraud Identification (CPFI)
IEA offers an industry recognized designation on Fraud Identification taught by faculty experts with real world experience in the field. Curriculum involves three modules and covers foundations in fraud identification taught by Tammy Daniels, SIP, WCCP, CPFI through advanced issues in workers’ compensation fraud identification taught by Diana Henderson, ARM, CPDM, CPFI, WCCP
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