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Death Benefits


In this informative session, you’ll uncover the benefits payable in the event of a worker’s death resulting from a work-related injury, and gain insights into the required payment procedures. Explore the qualifications for dependents and the conclusive presumption of total dependency. Understand how the factual determination of dependency is conducted and its impact on the benefits received. Delve into important aspects such as accrued and unpaid compensation, burial expenses, and statutory death benefits. Gain an understanding of the payment procedures when there are no dependents involved and explore the process of settling death benefits. Lastly, learn about the critical task of death notification and its significance in the overall process. Hear from industry renowned legal practitioners, Richard M. Jacobsmeyer, Crain & Claffey PC, and Julious Young, Boxer & Gerson, Attorneys at Law. Don’t miss this enlightening class that will equip you with essential knowledge about benefits and payment protocols in the unfortunate event of a work-related death.


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Death Benefits

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