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Liens Attorneys Fees and Costs


Discover the intricacies of the various sources that receive payment during the workers’ compensation claims process.Gain insight into what can be filed, filing procedures, and the procedure and payment process. Explore liens against the employee’s corporation, payment responsibilities of employers and lien claimants, and the division of fees between attorneys. Additionally, learn about litigation costs, the role of interpreters, and the process of petitioning for costs. Plus hear from prominent legal practitioners Elke D. Knapper-Herath, and Larisa Mortazavi as they discuss their real-world experiences in this arena.

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Liens, Attorneys Fees, and Costs

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Meet the Instructors

  • Elke Knapper Herath

    Elke Knapper Herath

    Hearing Representative/Expert Witness

  • Larisa Mortazavi

    Larisa Mortazavi

    Senior Associate, Rossi Law Group