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Medical Control and MPNs


Gain valuable insights into the administration of medical treatment in workers’ compensation as you join our class featuring esteemed speakers Dr. David Deitz, MD, PhD, and Alex Swedlow, President of the California Workers’ Compensation Institute. Understand who holds the authority over the administration of medical treatment and discover the instances when employees have the opportunity to decide which services or doctors to engage. Explore the concept of medical control and its implications, including the option of predesignation and the consequences of neglect or refusal of care. Delve into the intricacies of the Medical Provider Network, including its establishment, maintenance, required notices, and dispute resolution processes.


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Medical Control and MPNs

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  • David Deitz, MD, PhD

    David Deitz, MD, PhD

    Principal, Deitz & Associates

  • Alex Swedlow

    Alex Swedlow

    President, California Workers' Compensation Institute