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Settlement and Awards


Gain valuable insights into the resolution of cases before the courts through settlements or awards after trial. Hear real world scenarios from esteemed speakers Steven J. Rosendin, Associate Partner at Mullen & Fiippi, LLP, and H. Nila Dhugga, Associate Partner at Mullen & Fiippi, LLP.

Explore the intricacies of stipulations with a request for an award.  Understand the process and considerations involved in Compromise and Release.  Delve into the complexities surrounding awards after trial, including clerical and judicial errors, payment, interest, enforcement, and commutation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of the resolution of workers’ compensation cases through settlements or awards after trial.

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Settlement and Awards

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Meet the Instructors

  • H. Nila Dhugga

    H. Nila Dhugga

    Associate Partner at Mullen & Filippi, LLP

  • Steven J. Rosendin

    Steven J. Rosendin

    Associate Partner, Mullen & Filippi, LLP