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Gain a comprehensive understanding of the various types of conferences utilized in the workers’ compensation court and their respective purposes. Benefit from the expertise of legal experts Jamie M. Jacoby, a Certified Legal Specialist in Workers’ Compensation, and Jamie L. Berenson from Glauber Berenson Vego. Explore important topics including status and priority conferences, lien conferences, expedited hearings, and walk-throughs. Gain insights into the Mandatory Settlement Conference and its significance, as well as the process of closing discovery, raising issues, and stipulations. Understand the considerations and procedures for continuances and the guidelines for ex-parte communications. Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to enhance your knowledge of workers’ compensation court conferences and their role in the legal process.


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Meet Your Instructors

  • Jaime L. Berenson

    Jaime L. Berenson

    Glauber Berenson Vego

  • Jamie M. Jacoby

    Jamie M. Jacoby

    Certified Legal Specialist in Workers' Compensation