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Elevate Your Career with IEA's Certified Professional in Disability Management (CPDM) program

Are you an ambitious professional aiming to reach new heights in the field of Disability Management? Meet David Ford, a determined individual who embarked on a transformative journey with the Insurance Education Association’s (IEA) Certified Professional in Disability Management (CPDM) Program. Discover how David’s inspiring story can ignite your drive to advance your career, attain financial stability, and unlock your full potential.

Elevate Your Career with IEA's Certified Professional in Disability Management (CPDM) program
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David Ford’s career voyage commenced with a resolute desire to alleviate retirement concerns and step into leadership roles within the ever-evolving realm of Disability Management.

Armed with a college education and an unrelenting work ethic, he aspired to secure his position in the industry and make a meaningful impact.

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Like many professionals, David encountered challenges as he pursued career growth.

Balancing a hectic schedule with the need for upskilling was a formidable task. He hesitated to invest his valuable time and resources in education programs that might not align with his objectives or deliver tangible benefits.

David’s breakthrough arrived when he discovered IEA’s Certified Professional in Disability Management (CPDM) Program. This comprehensive and flexible online learning solution offered precisely what he needed to propel his career forward. With IEA, David found a dedicated partner committed to his success and growth. 


Through the CPDM Program, David gained mastery in various facets of Disability Management, from legal compliance to effective absence management strategies.

With 3 engaging modules tailored to his busy schedule, David acquired in-depth knowledge while continuing his professional journey.

David’s dedication and commitment bore fruit as he earned his CPDM certification. This achievement not only solidified his position as a Disability Management expert but also unlocked doors to lucrative career opportunities he had once only dreamed of. 

Are you ready to take elevate your career in disability management to unprecedented heights, just like David?

Join him on this empowering journey and unlock the doors to career advancement and financial stability. The Certified Professional in Disability Management (CPDM) Program is designed to equip you with the expertise and confidence needed to excel. Start your journey today and experience the IEA difference. Enroll Now and Elevate Your Career in Disability Management. Embrace a Transformative Path to Success

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CPDM course curriculum has been outstanding.  As an HR professional, I found the office hours and weekly group discussions extremely helpful.  Not often do you find a group of like-minded professionals, learning and openly sharing their IDAM experiences, having this hour together weekly has helped me be aware of trends and best practices

Taryn J.


I learned a great deal from this course not only about IDAM processes but also about working together with a diverse team with differing personalities and work styles located across different time zones

Melissa S.


The instructor  is very knowledgeable in the subject matter. The case studies were very current and followed the trends of the day

Kianga H.


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