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Transform Your Career with IEA's Certified Professional in Disability Management (CPDM) Program

Transform Your Career with IEA's Certified Professional in Disability Management (CPDM) Program

 Are you eager to break free from the constraints of conventional education paths and secure a brilliant future?

Allow us to introduce you to Jasmine Hill, a determined individual who embarked on a transformative journey with IEA’s Certified Professional in Disability Management (CPDM) Program. Discover how Jasmine’s remarkable journey can inspire you to achieve career success, financial stability, and professional growth. 


Jasmin Hill’s odyssey began with a fervent desire to break away from the cycle of low-paying jobs and establish a secure future.

With limited formal education beyond high school, Jasmine was resolute in finding an alternative path that would lead to stability and fulfillment. She believed in the potential of hard work and preparation, ready to seize control of her career trajectory.

Jasmine encountered challenges that resonate with many aspiring professionals: concerns about retirement, the need for financial security, and the yearning for a fulfilling career. She approached educational programs with caution, wary of investing her time and resources into endeavors that might not yield the outcomes she desired. 



Jasmine the Career Explorer

Jasmine’s turning point arrived when she discovered IEA’s Certified Professional in Disability Management (CPDM) Program.

Designed to cater to individuals like her, the program presented a unique path to success in the realm of disability and absence management. With IEA, Jasmine found an accessible and cost-effective solution that aligned seamlessly with her objectives.

Through the CPDM Program, Jasmine acquired a robust foundation in disability management, laying the groundwork for a promising career. With the meticulously crafted lessons tailored for busy professionals, she was able to learn at her own pace while managing her existing commitments. 

Jasmine’s journey with IEA propelled her to newfound empowerment and accomplishment.

Armed with practical skills, fundamental principles, and comprehensive knowledge, Jasmine earned her Certified Professional in Disability Management (CPDM) certification. This achievement not only validated her expertise but also opened doors to opportunities she once deemed unattainable.

Are you prepared to rewrite your career narrative, following in Jasmine's footsteps?

Join her on this transformational journey and unlock a world of possibilities in the field of disability & absence management. The Certified Professional in Disability Management (CPDM) program is poised to equip you with the skills Program is  and knowledge you need for career success. Begin your journey today and experience the IEA difference.

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See What Others Are Saying About IEA's CPDM Program

CPDM course curriculum has been outstanding.  As an HR professional, I found the office hours and weekly group discussions extremely helpful.  Not often do you find a group of like-minded professionals, learning and openly sharing their IDAM experiences, having this hour together weekly has helped me be aware of trends and best practices.

Taryn J.


The instructor is very knowledgeable in the subject matter. The case studies were very current and followed the trends of the day.

Kianga H.


I learned a great deal from this course not only about IDAM processes but also about working together with a diverse team with differing personalities and work styles across different time zones.

Melissa S.


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