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Mastering Workers' Compensation in California

Workers’ Compensation for Legal Professionals (WCLP)  empowers legal professionals with the comprehensive knowledge of workers’ compensation law not taught in law school.

  • Tailored exclusively for law firms and legal professionals
  • Comprehensive toolkit for navigating complex workers’ compensation cases
  • Get up the three-year experience level in just one year

Mastering Workers' Compensation in California

  • 26 Individual Lessons
  • Self-paced learning
  • MCLE Credits
  • Price

    Payment plans available

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Individual Professional Development:

Whether you’re a novice attorney eager to deepen your understanding or a seasoned professional seeking a thorough review, WCLP empowers your team to competently manage complex cases, unlocking their full career potential. Join us in mastering the nuanced terrain of California’s workers’ compensation laws to amplify your firm’s legal capabilities.

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Why WCLP is Essential for Legal Professionals

WCLP is tailored for legal professionals at every stage of their career, offering a transformative learning experience that goes beyond conventional legal education. Here’s why WCLP is a must for various profiles:

New Associates: For new associates, WCLP is a game-changer. By working through the program, they immerse themselves in the details of workers’ compensation law, reading, being tested, and benefiting from insights shared by industry experts. This means, as a managing attorney, you won’t have to provide a comprehensive download of the law or spend significant time quizzing them. The result? Going from year 1 knowledge to year 3 knowledge and your associates become armed with relevant education and a faster learning curve, allowing your mentoring time to be more efficient and concise.

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Collective Industry Experience: Associates engaged in WCLP don’t just benefit from your individual experience; they tap into the collective wisdom of the entire industry. This well-rounded exposure ensures they approach cases with a depth of knowledge that sets them apart.

Competitive Edge for Associates: Upon completion of WCLP, associates emerge not just knowledgeable but exceptionally well-prepared. In some ways, they may surpass their more experienced counterparts, presenting a concrete reality when showcasing your firm’s capabilities to clients. The IEA certification adds a tangible mark of distinction.

Investment in Professional Development: By providing WCLP for your associates, you demonstrate a commitment to their training and development. This investment is crucial at the beginning of the professional relationship, creating a lasting bond and contributing to their overall well-being. Legal professionals universally seek training and value firms that invest in their growth.

Experienced Lawyers Seeking Improvement: WCLP isn’t exclusive to new attorneys; it’s a valuable resource for experienced lawyers looking to enhance their knowledge and standards of practice. For managing partners, it offers a solution to concerns about associates who may be struggling or difficult to monitor closely. By engaging in WCLP, experienced lawyers showcase dedication to improvement, lightening the burden on managing partners.

Sarah's Quest for Legal Excellence

Meet Sarah, a year 1 associate on a mission to attain stability and a rewarding legal career. Sarah’s story aligns with your aspirations for a brighter future outside the conventional college route. Whether you’re transitioning careers or just starting out, Sarah’s narrative resonates with your ambitions.


Jasmine the Career Explorer


  • Who should earn the WCLP?

    The WCLP is ideal for new attorneys who want a deep understanding of workers’ compensation law. It can be administered by a managing partner for new associates, or it can be taken by individual attorneys new to workers’ compensation wishing to gain deep understanding of this complex area of the law. Been in practice a while? You can still benefit from this training. Many working attorneys never quite find the time to actually read and learn the law. This is your opportunity!

  • How long does it take to complete the entire program?

    Taking individual lessons over a two week period the course takes 52 weeks to complete. Most participants find is useful to block out about half of the day every other Friday to make sure they take the time to progress through the program.

  • What's included in the lessons?

    Each lesson includes a reading assignment from Sullivan on Comp, a video presented by two of the 52 top industry professionals including Judges and  named partners, and finally an exam to test your knowledge.

  • Do I need to buy additional materials?

    WCLP reading assignments are hosted on Sullivan on Comp and are an integral and required component of the program. use coupon code Use coupon code IEAstudent to receive $65 off an annual subscription, or the first month of a monthly subscription at no cost..

    Already a Sullivan on Comp subscriber? Once you’ve purchased the WCLP from IEA, Sullivan on Comp will be notified and your access to the required materials will be enabled within one business day. Or you can submit a request to info@ieatraining.org.

  • What happens if I don't pass a lesson?

    Re-takes on quizzes can be taken as often as needed. For the final test one re-take is available. For more than one re-take there is a $50 charge.

  • Can I get MCLE credits?

    Yes, MCLE participatory credit as well as self-study credit is available.

  • I'm a manager and I'd like to enroll more than one attorney.

    No problem. Simply shoot an email to info@ieatraining.org or call us at (800) 655-4432.

  • How can I see the titles of the individual lessons in the WCLP

    To view the individual programs, click here and scroll down.

  • Does IEA offer Payment Plans?

    Yes! IEA can help you optimize your budget. We have payment plan options at checkout. Simply choose the “Shop Pay” option during enrollment and then choose the plan that’s best for you.

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Your Path to Legal Excellence

IEA Training’s WCLP certification is, a revolutionary training solution meticulously designed to meet the exacting standards of California State. With 26 comprehensive classes and accessible 100% online learning, this program covers every crucial facet of workers’ compensation law.

Tailored for Legal Success: Whether you’re a novice attorney venturing into workers’ compensation or a seasoned professional seeking a comprehensive refresher, WCLP is tailored to equip you for legal success. Ideal for legal professionals in various roles, including those in HR/Benefits looking to expand their knowledge of workers’ comp.

Meet State Requirements: WCLP ensures compliance with California State requirements, offering a total of 26 classes to provide a well-rounded understanding of workers’ compensation law. Each class contributes to the mandated training hours, delivering foundational knowledge and practical skills for a rewarding legal career.

On-Demand Learning

Flexible Learning: Experience the convenience of 100% on-demand learning. Our online platform enables you to progress through the 26 classes at your own pace, seamlessly fitting your studies into your busy legal schedule.

Industry-Recognized Certification: Upon successful completion of the program, earn a valuable industry-recognized certification. This credential serves as a testament to your expertise in workers’ compensation law and opens doors to numerous legal career opportunities.

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Comprehensive Lesson Structure: Dive into the 26 classes covering various aspects of workers’ compensation law, meticulously designed to meet California State requirements. Whether aspiring to be a workers’ compensation attorney or understanding the intricacies of California workers’ compensation, our program is your comprehensive legal guide.

For Legal Professionals and Beyond: While ideal for legal professionals specializing in workers’ compensation, WCLP’s content extends beyond this role. The a-la-carte lesson approach allows you to choose specific areas of interest for legal learning.

Affordable Pricing: With classes starting at $199, WCLP offers exceptional value for comprehensive legal training, practical skills, and industry recognition. For individual learners, use the code IEAStudent for exclusive discounts. For multiple certifications, contact us for bulk pricing.

Learn Anywhere, Anytime: Access WCLP through our online learning portal. This platform empowers you to learn whenever and wherever suits you best, adapting the program to your unique legal learning style.

Your Path to Legal Excellence: WCLP goes beyond a training program; it’s your gateway to a successful legal career in workers’ compensation. Whether entering this field for the first time or enhancing existing legal expertise, WCLP sets you on the right track.

Mastering Workers' Compensation in California

Unlock Legal Excellence with WCLP

Whether you’re an individual looking to enhance your own legal expertise or a managing partner seeking streamlined education for your associates, take advantage of exclusive savings by using the coupon code IEAstudent during enrollment. Additionally, if you’re considering bulk pricing for multiple associates, feel free to contact us for a personalized solution.

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