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Mastering Workers' Compensation in California

The Workers’ Compensation for Legal Professionals (WCLP) empowers managing attorneys with a revolutionary training solution, uniquely designed to elevate their team’s expertise in workers’ compensation cases. By providing new associates with a sophisticated toolkit, WCLP transcends traditional training methods ensuring your team is equipped with the specialized knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field. This targeted, comprehensive program is the key to unlocking superior case handling and competitive advantage for your law firm.


Mastering Workers' Compensation in California

Streamlined Education for Law Firms

Is your role as a managing partner demanding a more efficient strategy for providing ongoing education to your associates?

Move beyond traditional training and elevate your associates with WCLP. Through this program, your team will have access to “Sullivan on Comp” – the most reliable and detailed treatise on California Workers’ Compensation Law. They will  complete quizzes, and gain valuable insights from prominent industry experts, including managing partners and distinguished workers’ compensation judges. This comprehensive preparation ensures  your new associates are well-prepared, reducing your training investment, and enhancing the efficacy of your mentoring.

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Fast -Track Your Associates to the Three Year Level in Less Than  a Year

Ready to transform your mentoring approach and elevate your new associates? IEA Training can fast-track your legal team’s expertise to a three-year level in under a year with our fully online, self-paced courses that culminate in a prestigious certification. This approach guarantees your team gains these advantages:

  • Efficiency in Mentorship: Your mentorship is invaluable, but WCLP allows you to maximize its impact by halving the time spent on training new attorneys. It’s time to do more with less.
  • Practice at the Speed of Excellence: WCLP closes gaps in your practice, allowing your team to operate at the pinnacle of legal excellence. No more reacting to legal arguments – instead, wield them with confidence.
  • Transform Associates into Experts: Shift from merely reacting to legal arguments to empowering your new associates to become legal experts themselves.
  • Demonstrate Commitment to Excellence: Elevate your team’s expertise, showcasing your commitment to excellence to partners and clients alike. Make a statement that your firm means business.
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Track Your Team’s Progress with Real Time Reporting

WCLP is purpose-built to support you, the managing partner, in training your new associate attorneys in workers’ compensation law. That’s why it includes easy access to analytics so that you can track your team member’s progress as the move through the curriculum.


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Why Choose IEA’s WCLP Program for Your Law Firm?

In the dynamic landscape of law, managing attorneys often find themselves at the crossroads of guiding new associates and steering the growth of their legal business. IEA’s Workers’ Compensation Learning Program (WCLP) offers a strategic partnership that transforms challenges into opportunities. Explore the compelling reasons why choosing IEA propels your firm toward unparalleled legal excellence:

  • Addressing Pain Points: WCLP is tailored to pinpoint the specific challenges managing attorneys face. It alleviates the time-intensive nature of mentoring new associates, minimizing risks associated with expanding caseloads and potential client loss due to overwhelmed legal professionals.Your mentorship cannot be replaced, but the time spent doing it can be cut in half
  • Holistic Learning Approach: WCLP stands out with its 26 comprehensive lessons, each taking 4-5 hours for associates to complete. These MCLE certified lessons cover the entire spectrum of workers’ compensation law, providing a robust foundation for legal professionals.
  • Flexible and Individualized Learning: The self-contained lessons allow associates to learn at their own pace, aligning with their unique schedules. With a flexible approach encompassing readings, quizzes, videos, and testing, WCLP ensures a well-rounded educational experience.
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  • Advantages for Managing Partners: WCLP offers managing partners a streamlined approach to continuing education for associates, reducing training time while enhancing their knowledge, ultimately contributing to the firm’s overall success.
  • Concrete Investment in Professional Well-Being: Providing WCLP demonstrates a concrete investment in associates’ professional well-being, fostering lasting relationships and reducing turnover, resulting in a positive impact on the firm’s overall health.
  • Versatility for Experienced Lawyers: WCLP isn’t confined to new attorneys. Experienced lawyers grappling with time constraints and struggling associates can leverage the program to showcase dedication to improvement, alleviating the burden on managing partners.

Unlock Your Team’s Potential

Enroll your team in WCLP and unlock a world of knowledge, skills, and industry recognition that will shape the future of your legal practice. Contact us for exclusive savings or personalized bulk pricing for your law firm associates.


Don’t Take Our Word for It – Meet Michael

Join Michael, a managing partner who envisions legal team elevation beyond the ordinary. Michael stands as a visionary advocate for legal growth, having successfully propelled his team’s knowledge through IEA’s innovative online learning platform. Explore tailored courses designed for professionals seeking to break free from conventional educational constraints. Michael’s journey is an inspiration for those aspiring to acquire the expertise necessary for leadership roles, all while embracing a pathway customized to the unique needs of legal professionals. Invest in your team’s future by following the footsteps of a true visionary, Michael.



  • How many lessons are there in the program?

    There are 26 individual lessons included in the WCLP curriculum

  • My Firm is Too Busy! How Can we Find TIme for this Training?

    Taking individual lessons over a two week period the course takes 52 weeks to complete. Most participants find is useful to block out about half of the day every other Friday to make sure they take the time to progress through the program.

  • What's included in the lessons?

    Each lesson includes a reading assignment from Sullivan on Comp, a video presented by two of the 52 top industry professionals including Judges and  named partners, and finally an exam to test your knowledge.

  • Do I need to buy additional materials?

    WCLP reading assignments are hosted on Sullivan on Comp and are an integral and required component of the program. use coupon code Use coupon code IEAstudent to receive $65 off an annual subscription, or the first month of a monthly subscription at no cost..

    Already a Sullivan on Comp subscriber? Once you’ve purchased the WCLP from IEA, Sullivan on Comp will be notified and your access to the required materials will be enabled within one business day. Or you can submit a request to info@ieatraining.org.

  • What happens if I don't pass a lesson?

    Re-takes on quizzes can be taken as often as needed. For the final test one re-take is available. For more than one re-take there is a $50 charge.

  • Does the course offer MCLE credits?

    Yes, MCLE participatory credit as well as self-study credit is available.

  • Does IEA offer Payment Plans?

    Yes! IEA can help you optimize your budget. We have payment plan options at checkout. Simply choose the “Shop Pay” option during enrollment and then choose the plan that’s best for you.

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