Hiring Workers' Comp Adjusters? Compliance Training is Your Challenge

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Hiring Workers’ Comp Adjusters? Compliance Training is Your Challenge.

If you’re hiring new workers’ compensation adjusters in California, you already know that your biggest challenge is compliance training. Section 2592, Title 10 of the California Code of Regulations defines the minimum training requirements for workers’ compensation claims adjusters and medical bill reviewers. For claims adjusters, the State requires 160 hours of training, 120 of which must be coursework.

For decades, IEA has built a lasting legacy as the leading resource for workers’ compensation training in California. If you’ve been in the comp world more than 10 years, and earned your WCCA™ or WCCP®, you likely sat in one our classrooms somewhere in California.

Adult learning has moved on from walled classrooms to webinars, and progression through professional development opportunities is now largely in the hands of the learner. With on-demand training options, career goals can wrap around work-life balance with greater ease, less hassle, and zero commute miles. 

IEA continues to offer legacy programs such as WCCA™, but for emerging professionals today who need to hit the ground running, core knowledge of principles and concepts must be complemented with the critical component of practical application.

That’s why IEA devised the The Claims Practitioner in Workers’ Compensation (CPWC) designation. Designed especially for new adjusters, this curriculum not only streamlines the compliance requirements (120 hours), it ensures that your adjuster gains the practical real-world skills they need for success on day-one.  An IEA customer who is also a Claims Supervisor recently noted that, IEA’s CPWC designation program has been a great training solution for our new hires. Meeting the required 120 hours of instruction and required workers’ compensation topics in an on-demand turnkey program has made my job much easier.

If the CPWC program would make your job easier, IEA invites you to jump on-board with 10% off the cost of the 120 hour track. Just use discount code IEANEWSLETTER at the online checkout. 

About IEA

IEA traces its history to our predecessor organization, “The Fire Underwriters Association of the Pacific” (FUAP) created in 1876 in San Francisco, CA after the post Gold Rush building boom.  Its stated purpose was the promotion of harmony and good practice among the claims adjusting profession. Over time, we became an all industry, all-lines organization with national outreach across the United States.

Today, we are committed to providing professional development to a changing workforce with changing needs. IEA offers myriad courses, seminars, and on-demand training to meet our students where they are and help them reach their goals. We are proud of our contribution to better risk analysis and high operating standards in the industry.