Essential Soft Skills for Risk and Insurance Professionals

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Essential Soft Skills for Risk and Insurance Professionals

Essential Soft Skills

Essential Soft Skills – The Key to Team Profiency

We hear it every day. Hard skill competencies are high, yet organizational objectives often remain unfulfilled. Why? Because
teams often lack the essential soft skills needed to operate at peak proficiency. It’s the critical, but often overlooked ingredient
for optimal success.At IEA we’ve listened to your concerns. That’s why we have developed and launched our new Essential Soft
Skills programs. Uniquely designed for Risk and Insurance Professionals, these programs offer the mission critical skills needed
for maximum potential and productivity.

Business Writing

Practical, interactive guidance for improving business writing skills.Parts two and three of this three part course emphasize
claims functions making it especially valuable to underwriters, risk managers, as well as claims handlers. Offered on-demand.
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Productivity Management

Uniquely designed with real world risk and insurance examples. Refresh your time management, attention to detail, and
problem solving skills. Three modules offered on-demand.  More here

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To learn more about IEA’s soft skill program for risk and insurance professionals visit our webpage here.