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Workers’ Compensation 101

Five business colleagues sitting around table and working together, smiling.

Workers’ Compensation 101

Just getting started in the world of workers’ compensation, you’ll need a good foundation
in the laws, language and basic principles.

Start with the Basics…End with Success

We’ll get you started on the right path with our Workers’ Compensation 101 program.
It’s a two-day tour-de-force through the world of comp.  We’ll get you up-to-speed on
the major concepts and theories so you’ll feel prepared to hit the ground running at work,
and be ready to move on to greater training challenges.

Live Classroom, Online, and On-Demand

Everyone learns differently.  If you like the interactive environment, enjoy being in a classroom
with other learners, we’ve got hands-on workshop sessions in these cities-

Pasadena, August 2019
Rancho Cordova, September 2019
Oakland, December 2019

Prefer an online option?  We’ve got a blended learning class for you.  It’s a weekly live instructor
led webinar. You’ll need to do a little preparation ahead of the webinars so you can get the full
benefit of a virtual program.

Prefer to go at your own pace?  Try the full on-demand version and jump on-board
anytime, 24/7/365.

Learn more and Enroll here

Need to know more about your California State requirements?
We’ve got a handy download for you. Check it out here.