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CPWC Certification

Indemnity Workers’ Compensation Adjuster

Jumpstart your career as a workers’ compensation claims adjuster or onboard new team members quickly and efficiently with IEA’s 120-hour indemnity training program.

Indemnity Workers’ Compensation Adjuster


This training is different from any other out there. Designed to meet the rigorous requirements of the State of California, the Claims Practitioner in Workers’ Compensation (CPWC) offers a turnkey training solution that meets the state mandated 120-hours,  provides foundational principles, and ensures new adjusters have practical skills for career success.

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Indemnity Workers’ Compensation Adjuster

  • 120 Training Hours
  • Covers State of California Requirements
  • 100% On-Demand
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Individual Classes

  • Get certified
    Get certified

    Earn an industry recognized certification

  • 24 lessons / 120 hrs
    24 lessons / 120 hrs

    5 hours lessons meeting the State of California requirements

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    Online Learning

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    on-demand classes

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should take the CPWC

    The CPWC is designed to provide aspiring California workers’ compensation adjusters with the day-to-day skills needed for on-the-job adjusting AND to provide the statutorily required topics and training hours for State of California compliance.

  • Can I take CPWC if I am not planning to be an adjuster

    Although CPWC was developed for aspiring adjusters, the content is applicable and relevant for anyone who needs to know and understand California workers’ compensation. Individual lessons can be picked a-la-carte for this purpose depending on what particular area you’d like to review or learn about.

  • How long will it take to complete the certification

    The indemnity designation has 24 lessons. Each lesson takes about five hours. You can move through the lessons as quickly as you like but you must complete all 24 within 365 days from starting.

  • Do I need to buy materials?

    CPWC reading assignments are hosted on Sullivan on Comp and are an integral and required component of the program. Use coupon code IEAstudent to receive $65 off an annual subscription, or the first month of a monthly subscription at no cost.

    Click here for access

    Other required materials can be downloaded free:

    California Labor Code
    California Code of Regulations
    California Insurance Code

  • How long is each class available?

    You have two chances to pass each class exam, We really want you to learn the material and succeed so if you don’t pass, let us know at and we help you reach your goals.

  • What Happens if I don't pass a lesson?

    We want you to really learn the material and we want to succeed. Re-takes on quizzes can be taken on request.

  • I completed the course…now what?

    Congratulations! You have earned your Claims Practitioner in Workers Compensation (CPWC) Certification. We will send you the details about the annual credit submission requirement.


    The State of California requires that you complete continuing education hours every 2 years (this is separate to your IEA requirement although you can use the same hours for both). To learn more about the number of hours for your particular adjuster certification, click here.

  • Does IEA offer Payment Plans?

    Yes! IEA can help you optimize your budget. We have payment plan options at checkout. Simply choose the “Shop Pay” option during enrollment and then choose the plan that’s best for you.