WCCA 10 – Foundation of California’s Workers’ Compensations System



Learn the laws and regulations that define the California Workers’ Compensation system. Description: Effectively apply the standard workers’ compensation and employers liability policy to your everyday job. Make better business decisions with your enhanced knowledge of claims administration issues such as recordkeeping, reserving and state audits. Confidently handle complex policy issues. Demonstrate your value to your organization.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the development and history of Workers’ Compensation, including key benefits available to injured workers and the concept of exclusive remedy
  • Understand California laws and regulations, including the Labor Code, the Code of Regulation, and important administrative players: the Administrative Director, the WCAB and Workers’ Compensation Judges.
  • Learn the benefits available to injured workers.
  • Understand the employer’s duty to secure compensation insurance and the various forms of permissible insurance, including self-insurance.
  • Learn the structure and form of the workers’ compensation and employers’ liability policies, and the penalties for illegally or uninsured employers.
  • Comprehend the principles of claims administration, including: the duties of WC claims adjusters, standards of training, setting of file reserves, required procedures for proper claims handling and penalties for improper procedures.

Who should attend.

  • Workers’ Compensation Claims Adjusters
  • Medical Only Claims Adjuster
  • TPA / Self Insured Claims Personnel
  • Agent/Broker Workers’ Compensation Claims Staff

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