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Payment of Medical Bills


Take this class to discover the essential steps employers must follow when they receive medical treatment or medical legal bills, and gain insights from industry experts Karen Heffernan, Former V.P. of Training with Sedgwick, and John Murray, Technical Standards and Compliance Consultant at Sedgwick. Understand the process of payment for medical treatment bills. Learn about Independent Bill Review and explore the scope of application, necessary requests, and the overall process for independent bill review. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the official medical fee schedule and its implications, including defining medical-legal expenses and the payment or objection process for such expenses. Delve into the medical-legal fee schedule and understand its significance. Lastly, explore the topic of illegal conduct and its consequences within the context of medical billing. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding of the process and payment mechanisms for medical treatment and medical legal bills in the workers’ compensation system.

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Payment of Medical Bills

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