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Take this engaging class to gain a comprehensive understanding of how trials are conducted and evidence is presented before the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board. Benefit from the expertise of industry experts Joanne Thomas, Managing Shareholder in the Inland Empire and San Diego at SRTK, and Tim Kinsey, Managing Shareholder in Orange County at SRTK.

Explore important topics including the consolidation of cases, disqualification and reassignment of Judges, and the trial process. Delve into the admission of evidence, and understand the key aspects of presenting evidence at trial

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your knowledge of trials and evidence presentation in the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.


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Meet the Instructors

  • Joanne Thomas

    Joanne Thomas

    Managing Shareholder Inland Empire and San Diego, SRTK

  • Tim Kinsey

    Tim Kinsey

    Managing Shareholder Orange County, SRTK