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California Workers' Compensation: Advanced Insights (Session 5)

Unlock your highest potential! Gain advanced insights into the complexities of workers’ compensation that will empower your success and drive your career to the highest level. Stand out from the crowd with knowledge and skills you’ll gain in this one-of-kind webinar tailored for experienced professionals who are motivated to dig deeper and climb higher.

California Workers' Compensation: Advanced Insights (Session 5)


Presented by Professor David J. Chetcuti, this one-hour webinar will address 20 key topic areas typically overlooked in other training programs.  Uniquely tailored toward experienced professionals, this is a great webinar for those  who want to drive their expertise in California Workers’ Compensation to the highest level.

  • Professor David Chetcuti

California Workers' Compensation: Advanced Insights (Session 5)

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About the Instructor

  • David J. Chetcuti

    David J. Chetcuti

    Workers' Compensation Claims Consultant and Instructor

    Professor David J. Chetcuti, a licensed professor of Workers’ Compensation law, has imparted his knowledge and expertise to a remarkable 20,000 students throughout his four-decade career. Beyond his instructional roles at IEA, Professor Chetcuti has also served as an educator for the State Bar, various insurance brokers and companies, Third-Party Administrators (TPAs), and employers. Particularly noteworthy are his annual updates on the New Workers’ Compensation Laws of California, which have become highly coveted IEA webinars, consistently drawing a devoted following of students year after year.

What You’ll Learn

This session delves into common UR issues and their consequences. Topics covered will range from RFA submission guidelines to UR deferrals to appeal procedures and challenging UR decisions.

How Will it Benefit You?

You’ll enhance your expertise in managing UR challenges and claims administration. This session will greatly benefit nurses as well as claims administrators. Plus you’ll gain insights into 5 additional bonus topics that will deepen your understanding of this complex area.