Learn the IEA way to greater Productivity and Success

Welcome to your future. As an insurance professional, you know that the trajectory of your business and your career is in your hands. So whatever your role in our industry; whether you are a newbie or seasoned professional, there’s no time like the present to improve your bottom line and maximize your potential by increasing your subject matter expertise and building business and technical skills.

Founded in 1876, the Insurance Educational Association (IEA) has grown to become the leading not-for-profit provider of professional education in the western United States by pioneering professional development and continuing education programs.

Today, IEA serves more than 5,000 students annually with more than 300 online instructor-led courses, classroom educational services, seminars and customized in-house programs serving the insurance, risk management, as well as the disability and absence management industry.

Wisdom is knowing what you don’t know. Here’s why IEA is your best option:

Train Your Way

From classroom settings to online programs, one-day workshops and semester-long courses, IEA offers a range of training options to help you attain professional goals so you’re never on your own.

Learn From The Experts 

No ivory towers here. IEA boasts a learned faculty of more than 150 active and highly credentialed practitioners who are all experts in a variety of industry backgrounds, including, but by no means limited to, insurance, risk management and absence and disability management.

Benefit From Regional and National Outreach 

IEA’s growing educational outreach is now national, with its online training capabilities allowing for a national presence in key subject areas.

As A Not-for-Profit, IEA’s Focus Is On Its Students 

Unlike many for-profit educational enterprises that care more about sales than students, IEA exists solely to provide high-quality, practical education to the industry.

Citing A Rich History in Insurance and Risk Management

Since its beginning in the aftermath of the California Gold Rush when the Golden State experienced rapid population and business growth, IEA has kept pace with the insurance industry, evolving to meet the educational needs of today’s and tomorrow’s professionals.

IEA’s Mission Statement 

IEA creates and provides the highest quality professional development and continuing education products and services in insurance, risk management, and disability management.