WC416 – New Workers’ Compensation Laws of California – 2020




The IEA and Professor David Chetcuti proudly announce the release of our New Workers’ Compensation Laws of California 2020!

Unlike other programs, this seminar explains our new laws in detail, including why they are necessary, along with identifying loopholes that some may try to exploit. This year we will be reviewing 14 NEW workers’ compensation laws and their impact on claims.

Also, this year’s special bonus topics are absolutely amazing and cannot be obtained elsewhere. The savings benefit from this announcement alone will more than cover your cost of enrollment. Because of the great savings this program is recommended for your entire claims staff at your facility.  You don’t want to miss it.

New Law Topics:

  1. Review of new 2020 workers’ compensation laws and their impact on claims
  2. Changes in benefit rates
  3. COLA
  4. Garnishment

Special Announcement:

Vocational Schools Can No Longer Sell Computers!

Vocational schools can no longer charge $1,000 against the voucher for computers! Think of the thousands of dollars of savings! This information is not available from law offices or other organizations.   Only available through the IEA.

Bonus Topics:

  • Copy service fraud: Does every subpoena really require two copies? Now some copy service firms are charging for a third copy. Learn how this abuse is being perpetrated and who is doing it.
  • Potential MSA Liability: Discover what your company’s liability is when injured workers are required to use a designated MSA compliance company.
  • Collateral Sources in Workers’ Compensation: How some injured workers earn more being off work than working.

CE Credit:

  • 3-hours, CA-WC-Cert, CPDM, CCMP, CPFI
  • 3-hours CA Agent Broker
  • 3-hours CPCU